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Sharkk is a manufacturer of electronics and mobile accessories with a few household items under their belt as well. Sharkk has a good range of mice, speakers and other accessories to make your day to day life seamlessly easy when it comes to your mobile devices. In need of a new mouse? Well, Sharkk have you covered there as well! Whether you prefer wireless, or even a gamer style mouse, Sharkk has something to cater to your needs.

Up for review today are the SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Surround Sound Stereo Speaker Set, so without further ado, let’s get it!


    • Party on with the Bluetooth Boombox Buddy System. A dual speaker package, guaranteed to get the party started with its superb sound quality, and will keep playing for up to 18 hours with its 4400mAh high-capacity batteries.
    • The Buddy Boom Boxes have a thirty-foot range for allowing you to set up a surround sound system wherever you want, with minimal effort.
    • Supports AUX, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC with Siri/S Voice Functionality. (Two AUX cords included.) Make and receive phone calls with the built-in Mic.
    • Package contains two spectacular boomboxes along with a 2 port charger and 2 AUX cords for each of them.
    • Frequency response: 60Hz – 20KHz. Speaker Dimensions: Each Unit 2.3″ x 2.7″ x 7.4″ (60 x 70 x 190 mm)



SHARKK-Bluetooth-Surround-Sound-Wireless-BoomBox-Buddy-Set- SHARKK-Bluetooth-Surround-Sound-Wireless-BoomBox-Buddy-Set-_1 SHARKK-Bluetooth-Surround-Sound-Wireless-BoomBox-Buddy-Set-_3 SHARKK-Bluetooth-Surround-Sound-Wireless-BoomBox-Buddy-Set-_4 SHARKK-Bluetooth-Surround-Sound-Wireless-BoomBox-Buddy-Set-_5 SHARKK-Bluetooth-Surround-Sound-Wireless-BoomBox-Buddy-Set-_6


The first thing I thought when I got these speakers was oh my, these are quite heavy. The box comes with cellophane wrapping around it and has a really nice feel to it. The first impressions will have feeling like you’ve just received a top of the line product without even opening the box. It all looks very professional and again, the weight is a good sign that we should have a good set of speakers inside. Once you open then box, you will notice Sharkk have done a great job of protecting the speakers as there is a bit of custom foam insulation to make sure the speakers do not knock around the box and get damaged.


Inside the box users will find two of everything, except for the wall socket charger, though it does have two USB inputs on it. There are two velour-type carrying bags, two USB charging cables, two 3.5mm audio cables and the users manual. All of the accessories are black as well and offer a nice sleek look to them.


The aesthetics of the Sharkk Bluetooth Boombox Speaker Set is nothing short of spectacular. The exterior is all black, except for the Sharkk logo and anywhere there is an LED there is nice white accenting. The speakers are also labelled “A” and “B” for convenience. The front and backs of the speakers feature a nice sturdy grill that will not only help protect the drivers inside, but also stop dust from getting to them, something I really like. Around the sides of the speakers its almost like a rubbery plastic, which aids in gripping them and makes them slightly more robust. The matte black on these speakers basically makes them look badass, and combined with the rugged design everyone is going to be asking about them.

This product is jam-packed with buttons, indicators and sensors, 13 in total on each speaker if you count them all! First we’ll start off with the power indicator which the power button is directly below. Under the power button on that side are the headphone jack, auxiliary in and micro USB port. Moving onto the top, we have the Prev/Next buttons, the play/pause button and the volume up/down buttons on the bottom row. Along the top row, there is a mode button, a thermal sensor (the thermal sensor is designed to detect heat from your hands so it can brighten up the LED backlighting so you can see the buttons better) and a phone button that will allow you to answer/end and even reject calls! Lastly, there is an NFC area where you can set your phone to make use of the NFC Bluetooth features and there is also a mic which is worth noting, only speaker A has access to the phone related features.


On the inside of each speaker are a 4400mAh battery, which is said to over 18 hours of playback time, this is truly outstanding and one of the longest lasting batteries in a Bluetooth speaker I have ever personally tested. Aside from that, know there is Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC features. I can not currently find any information regarding the driver side, but be sure when I do, I will update this review!


Any time I test a Bluetooth speaker, I use the standard method of connecting it VIA the normal Bluetooth settings. To get things started, you will want to power on speaker A first while making sure your other Bluetooth enabled devices is within 3-feet. To enter the pairing mode, simply press the play/pause buttons for 3-seconds, when the speaker is in pairing mode, the LED indicator should be flashing blue and red. If you don’t connect a device within 3 minutes, pairing mode will be cancelled. Now you will want to make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device and connect to the speaker which will show up as SHARKK in the list of accessible devices. Select the speaker and all should be well, though should you need a passcode of any type, just enter 0000 and that should do the trick.




Looking at what these speakers have to offer, once may begin to think, hmm, where will they let me down? Well, let me just tell you it won’t be in the audio department. The speakers each feature two drivers in the front and a nice bass sub at the back. With a lot of Bluetooth speakers, many users don’t expect to really be able to feel the bass and rightly so. However, Sharkk have made sure the bass in these speakers is great and can be felt, between the good design and the fact there is two of them, they have surely done something right.

Now, the next thing that could cause some issues is, is the bass overpowering? Simple answer, no! While the bass is definitely booming for what it is, you can still hear the highs and mids of any songs just fine that to the pair of drivers in the front of each speaker. I listen to a wide range of music and everything sounds good on these bad boys. While I am sure some audiophiles may try to find somewhere to fault them, for your average music lover they are absolutely amazing.

One thing to note is the distance between phone and speakers before the sound starts getting distorted. The speakers have an amazing 8 metre (26 feet) range and I must say, if there is nothing to interfere with them, they will have no problems keeping this promise. Obviously, the more Bluetooth devices and walls that the signal has to pass through, the close they will need to be and this is, of course, going to be up to user discretion to figure out.


The battery life is absolutely amazing. I was able to hit the 18-hour mark with ease though unfortunately I was only able to fully discharge the speakers once due to the time I had to complete this review. In most cases, when speaker batteries are measured by companies to see how long they last, it is normally at a higher volume. If not using this at full volume, you will be able to pinch a bit more time out of them before needing a recharge, if 18 hours isn’t quite good enough for you! If the speakers do start to run out of battery and you are not quite done with them, they can be used while plugged in so they will never let you down!



When all is said and done, this set of speakers is absolutely terrific! The second you get them, you will be in awe with how good they are, even the packaging speaks of the top-notch product you will be getting your hands on. From impressive audio quality to a ridiculously long lasting battery, the  SHARKK Bluetooth BoomBox Surround Sound Stereo Speaker Set will have no problems becoming your daily drivers. Even if this was only one speaker, it would be highly impressive but the fact that it is a set of two speakers just makes it even better. Finally, true surround sound from a Bluetooth speaker is here!


Thanks to Sharkk for sending these in for review, please make sure to check them out on the links below:

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