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Today we’ll be taking a look at a product from one of the best audio manufacturers in the world. Edifier kindly sent me their latest product, the Prisma Encore Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker set. In today’s world, everything revolves around technology, Edifier created the Prisma Encores to combine technology along with incredible engineering to produce the best possible audio quality whilst still being a product that boasts huge incredible connectivity. The Edifier Prisma Encores also strive to be the most unique looking speakers on the market, uniting a bold design with a clean minimalist approach. We have included some information about Edifier which you can find below, but first we have created a teaser video to show you what the Edifier Prisma Encores are all about.


Edifier Background

Established in May 1996 in Beijing, China, Edifier is the brainchild of a small group of enterprising music lovers. Guided by the principle “a passion for sound” over the past two decades, Edifier has emerged as a world-class designer and manufacturer of award-winning sound systems.

We pride ourselves on products that showcase bold design and premium quality, but at the same time affordable.

Today, Edifier serves music lovers worldwide through our distributors in over 70 countries, with operations in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions.

The growing Edifier family consists of 3,000 dedicated employees worldwide. Our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities produce 8 million units every year for home, consumer electronics and PC multimedia applications.

 Edifier is committed to having a social and economic responsibility.

Social Commitment. Through the Edifier Angel Sound Foundation, Edifier has been helping children with hearing impairment discover the power of sound.

The Edifier Music Foundation Edifier is committed to discover young music talent and help them realize their potentials.

Edifier offer scholarships to post-secondary students from various disciplines at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Environment Commitment: We use suppliers of raw materials who practice environmentally friendly manufacturing, Use LED and T5 lighting in all office floors and manufacturing facility. Use Biological Liquid Processing to reduce and filter fume emissions for example

Edifier’s uncompromised design elegance is recognized internationally by prestigious design awards. Some of our iconic designs are winners of the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Product Design Award, the CES Design & Engineering Showcase Honours for example. We strive to create sound systems that look good and make your music sound good and are affordable.



  • Bluetooth pairing capability with A2DP & AVRCP profile support
  • Total Power: 64 watts (subwoofer: 40w | satellites 12w each)
  • 2 way satellite speaker with 3 inch mid-range unit and 19mm silk dome tweeter
  • Subwoofer with UV gloss coating and down-firing 5 inch driver
  • Touch sensitive controls for volume & playback
  • Auxiliary input for versatile connectivity (computer / television, etc.)
  • Professional amp with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • Wireless remote for volume and audio source selection -CR2025 Lithium button battery included.



Full specifications available on Edifier here.



Let me first start by saying these speakers currently cost $135 on at the time of review. This price puts the Edifier Prisma Encores at a very competitive level, so it will be interesting to see how the audio sounds against some other products. Given the size of the subwoofer and the shape of the actual unit, I was expecting some interesting acoustics. The subwoofer implements a 5″ driver which provides punchy bass that is full of depth, it handles sharp technical songs and even creates more atmosphere in films and TV. I was really impressed with the acoustics, given the size and shape of the design I was expecting a very flat bass line, but the Prisma Encores really took me by surprise. I would summarise that the bass created by the unit is vibrant, and great for all the tasks you can throw at it.


Moving onto the actual satellite speakers, which for the size produce a decent amount of volume that should satisfy the majority of people. Each of these units contains a 3″ mid-range unit and a ¾” silk-domed tweeter. The result of this is superb, clarity that makes even the dullest songs feel full of life. With the tweeters, you get super sharp and accurate tones in the higher end, but depth from the 3″ mid-range drivers. Edifier say that this results in a balanced and vivid experience, I personally think it results in clear audio enjoyment that will fulfill almost all of your audio needs, and most importantly they’ll put a smile on your face.

So when we join all of these components, what does the end result sound like? Well, Edifier have included a DSP / DRC system which keeps distortion at bay, and generally keeps your audio clean and enjoyable. I think that the bass from the subwoofer uplifts the mids and highs to a level of quality I’ve not heard in some time. And overall it is hard to put a fault on the system given how unique the design is when compared to other products, and the additional features you get for your money.

So does the price reflect in the audio quality? They are an elegant set of speakers, given the audio quality is nearly on par with some studio speakers I’ve used in the past, I do find it hard to find something I dislike about the product. Edifier created something that sounds extraordinary, when you look at the size of the product it really is hard to think how they crammed so much quality into such a small package. To get the sheer volume and level of excellence found in these speakers, you can tell they’ve seriously invested in the components and most importantly the design. You’ll even find a remote control included in the price, along with touch-sensitive controls. Edifier even used quality anti-vibration dampening material to ensure your subwoofer and satellites won’t create any impurities in your audio experience.



Moving onto the usability and design of these speakers, from the moment we got the Edifier Prisma Encore speakers out of the box and actually started to test them we have been very dazzled with the sheer level of design involved in the creation of the product. Starting with the aesthetics of the product, we feel it is minimal yet so stunning to look at. The Prisma Encore speakers are housed in a white gloss plastic body, dressed with a subtle silver lining. Even the power indicator at the top of the device looks gorgeous, changing from green to blue depending on the input device. Personally I really like the way it looks, some people might want something more flashy? But I like my speakers subtle, but powerful.


Now the biggest feature of these speakers if you hadn’t already guessed, well that would be the Bluetooth built straight into the system for maximum connectivity. This means you can easily pick up your mobile and connect it to the speakers, which simply means holding down the button on the top to activate the Bluetooth pairing. I found it easy to pair a few devices from around the house and had no issues using the Bluetooth, although do remember to tweak those EQ’s to your preferences! So the actual setup of this product is really simple, three cables including the power and you are good to go. You can also connect an audio source via a 3.5mm jack on the back of the device, which made it feel clean and usable in a variety of situations.



What are our final thoughts on the Prisma Encores Speakers? A long time ago I used Edifier speakers and fell in love with them for the unbelievable audio quality, but after such a long time products can often change. But Edifier held to their guns, creating affordable products that have quality well above more established well-known audio brands. All I can really say is if their other products are even close to the Prisma Encores in terms of design? Well, Edifier could possibly be one of the best companies to trust with your hard-earned money.

The design of the Prisma Encores is somewhat bold, and very out of the box. Most companies in the current market still make square and boring looking subwoofers, with satellites that look like they belong in the 80’s, and poor drivers living in a cheap MDF prison. But the Prisma Encores really do set a new standard for what is acceptable, well actually what is really required from today’s market. Gorgeous aesthetics combined with a bold and eye-catching design, that makes these both a set of speakers to impress your friends, but also a talking point in your home. The additional built-in features really do add a sense of fluidity to your product, the stylish remote was a cool touch, but the Bluetooth and touch controls really do wrap this product up nicely.

The audio quality is superb, and I feel everything was very well thought out. From the acoustics of the subwoofer to the tweeters, they produce memorable audio satisfaction. Punchy and accurate bass response combined with tweeters that pierce through your mind, and a mid range that brings you back down to reality. Audio doesn’t often sound this great, but sometimes a company like Edifier gets it spot on.

I wanted to put a few words into this review, simply wrapping up on who Edifier: “Edifier Is A Renowned Consumer Audio Manufacturer From China Who Has Maintained Its Presence On The Global Front With Numerous Award-Winning Products Across Key Categories Such As Home Theatre, Desktop Entertainment, Gaming, Portable And Studio. Edifier Will Celebrate Their 20th Year Anniversary Next Year.”

So our bottom line for this product? Well, the Design award and Editors choice awards really summarise what the bottom line is. The Prisma Encores are simply ridiculous, in an amazing way.

Please click on the below links to find out more about Edifier products on their social media pages:

Where to buy?

You can buy the Edifier Prisma Encores in all countries, from Amazon.

The Good? - Warm rich tones, that are clean and sharp. - Low end is filled with punchy, room shaking bass. - Gorgeous, clean, minimalist design. - Great price, backed up with a 2 year warranty. The Bad? - Nothing I disliked about the product.

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