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Mpow Streambot Pro Review

Mpow Streambot Pro Review

Weighing in at £19.07 at the time of review, how does the Streambot Pro perform and is it worth your money. Let’s start by talking about why you would want a portable Bluetooth transmitter that attaches via a 3.5mm audio jack. Now I have an abundance of Bluetooth headphones that I love and use every day, but sadly not every product on the market will allow you to connect Bluetooth headphones out of the box, some examples could include TV’s and Desktop computers.


The Streambot pro allows you to connect any Bluetooth headphones to receive audio from the device it is connected to, and for me? Well, I set it up with my desktop computer which doesn’t support Bluetooth. Using the product is simple, to turn on the device you hold the button down for 4 seconds and the LED will flash twice in blue to alert you the device is on. Turning it off is also a simple affair, holding the button down for four seconds and letting the device flash three times in red.

Pairing is also incredibly simple, hold down the button until the device alternates between red and blue then put your headphones on scan mode. A quick note for those having problems at this stage, ensure the device you are connecting to isn’t connected to another device whilst attempting to pair. Please also note that this product requires charging before use, however if you plan on a more permanent solution like using with a TV – I left mine on permanent charge whilst in use (although for obvious reasons I can’t recommend this).


Sound quality is one of the biggest things for me when it comes to a product like this, I really want clean and crisp audio – because Bluetooth can deliver crystal clear audio so this in theory should as well. I’m quite happy to say the overall quality was fantastic, with noticeable drops in quality when moving through rooms due to the concrete in the walls. However this is a problem with a normal Bluetooth enabled device like a phone, and generally the quality was on par with what the headphones sounded like using a shielded audio cable.

So what is my final conclusion on this product? Fantastic little product if you want to remove the annoyance of wires (read any of my reviews and you’ll know how much I hate them). However I think that a decent pair of headphones is often a lot nicer in terms of audio quality than the tiny drivers that are in most modern day TV’s. However, in case you didn’t already figure it out – you can use any Bluetooth audio products. I actually set up my really nice Edifier speakers which are strangely positioned and not ideal for a cable setup, and it was nice to use quality speakers with my TV.

I hope my review has given you some insight into the technology, but also given you an idea of the way Bluetooth can really set you free and what an awesome little investment the Streambot Pro is.

Don’t forget the 45 day money back & 18 months warranty, which is

Disclaimer: I was provided this product free of charge in return for an honest review of the product.

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