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My travels to Watermead Park

My travels to Watermead Park

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first of a new direction for this website. For years I have loved reviewing everything I can get my hands on. But for the first time in a very long time, I have the chance to write even more content using the platform that is this website. For those who are new to the blog, thank you for taking the time to drop in.

This weekend’s antics actually consisted mainly of writing reviews, so I decided to check out all of the awesome stuff nearby using TripAdvisor. Myself, and the girlfriend have slowly worked our way through all of the location attractions. But being addicted to reviewing stuff, I wanted to share my thoughts on everything I come across in life. Anyway, this weekend we took a trip to a local country park called “Watermead Park”.

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To keep it light and refreshing, the park itself is fantastic. Beautiful scenery even when the weather is less than agreeable. The park is actually quite interesting because of the close connection to some incredibly busy roads, making it a pleasant escape for those in Leicestershire. With a variety of routes, we spent around three hours walking around to get the full tour. I would really recommend the nature reserve if you are stuck for things to do at the weekend.

Tripadvisor link: Watermead Park 

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